Childhood Dreams

Childhood Dreams

Three kids.  Teacher.  Stay at home mom (yes, I wanted both somehow). A nice house with a circular driveway. Married to JTT or Taylor Hanson, either 90’s heart throb would do.  This list.  This is the list that young Holly would have written down if you asked her what she wanted when she grew up.  It’s funny to look back and think about how the dreams we have when we are young play out in the future.  I am happy to say that even as a young kid I definitely knew what I wanted.  Well mostly.  I’m lucky I did not get the last item on my list, since marrying either of those two would have been a downgrade compared to who I ended up with. 

 If you were to walk into my house when I was young you would see me playing school, hosting my own pretend cooking television show, or in all honesty, running from my mom after I did something to torment my siblings.  To this day I’m pretty sure that is where my love of running first began :). I love reflecting on my childhood dreams, my tendencies as a child and thinking about how those were all little clues to what my future would look like.  As I look at my own boys, I find myself looking through that same lens.  Watching what they choose to play, what they love and thinking about how this will be expressed in their future.  

Whether you are following a childhood dream, making new plans as an adult, setting a career goal, personal goal, athletic goal, or healthy eating goal, it is important to make choices along the way that will get you closer to that goal.  When you have a dream, a goal, an intention it makes following a path so much more purposeful.  Each step I took along the way from childhood to adulthood was done so with an intention to make those dreams come true.  They didn’t just happen to me.  I knew what I wanted and I made the choices and walked the path in that direction.  Life hasn’t been perfect, there are some things I wish I could change or erase.  Heartbreak I wish I never had experienced. But nonetheless, as I return home from a walk with my four boys, and push the stroller up my circular driveway, I can’t help but think that life has turned out this way because of my commitment to making my dreams a reality. 

Cheers to knowing what you want, making a plan to follow that path, and taking a moment to recognize and appreciate the satisfaction of achieving those dreams! 

Holly Bannon