Dream Big

Dream Big

For most of our 15 years together, each time we would have a chance to go out, just the two of us, we always circled back to one topic.  Whenever we had a moment to talk, to reflect, to dream, James and I would both happily discuss our vision of one day opening a little cafe.  Over the years the dream took on different forms and variations but nonetheless, the goal remained the same.  We dreamed about one day having our own place, making our own food, a quaint little spot where we could share our passion for good food with our customers.  As much as we frequently discussed this dream, it seemed just that to me, a dream, not a realistic possibility.  But I suppose thats what makes us such a good pair.  The combination of someone who plays it safe and the other, more daring. 

As much as this business has truly been a family affair, it was made possible because James had the courage to take a risk, to put himself out there and to make that dream a reality.  As he blazed this path, never looking back, I looked to him with admiration and respect.  I admired how confidently he followed this path and how committed he has been to its success.  Earlier this month we were invited to film a kitchen segment on NBC CT Live.  When I read the invitation in the email I immediately got a nervous pit in my stomach.  I do not like talking in front of people, well unless they are ten year old students, and I most certainly don’t like being on video.  However, as I read the email and thought about what a great opportunity this was for us and our business, I channeled my inner James, and bravely said yes to this opportunity instead of the comfortable, safe response of “No, thank you.”

The morning of the filming came and went and with it so did my rollercoaster of nerves and emotions. Like most things worth doing, I knew that after I had the segment behind me I would be relieved and happy that I did it.  Well, we may not be the next Food Network stars but I am proud nonetheless.  On the ride home, I couldn’t help but look at James and smile in amazement.  Had we really done it?  Had we really done what we have dreamed of and talked about for years prior? I’m grateful for this experience because it reminded me to stop and take a closer look at what we have built, how we did it together and how success is even more sweet when you have someone to share it with.

Cheers to dreaming big!


Holly Bannon