If You Ask a Mom To Do Yard Work...

If You Ask a Mom To Do Yard Work...

More often than not, I find myself almost laughing as the sequence of my day reminds me of a favorite childhood story, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. For those of you who missed out on this one, it is a children’s picture book that tells a story of a mouse asking a little boy for a sequence of various items based on a previous item.  “If you give a mouse of cookie, he will probably want a glass of milk.  When he finishes the glass of milk…” and so on as the author Laura Numeroff tells the story.

Sunday, I was outside playing with Jax when James came out.  Jax was occupying himself playing around so we started to weed around the fire pit.  Deciding that I wasn’t in the correct attire I told James I was going to run inside quickly, get changed and that I would just be a minute.

“If you ask Holly to help with yard work, she will probably say that she needs to change into outside work clothes. When she goes to get changed, she will notice that the boys left dirty laundry on the floor.  When she sees the dirty laundry, it will remind her to throw in a new load.  When she throws in the new load she will notice that there are clothes in the dryer to be folded.  When she folds and puts away the laundry she will notice that the boys’ dressers are completely disorganized.  When she starts to organize the drawer, she will notice the handle is loose.  When she notices the loose handle, it will remind her to make James a to do list for around the house (I mean maybe it should prompt her to get a screw driver, but I’m just being honest).  When she goes to the office to get a pen and paper to start writing the list she will see a stack of mail.  When she looks through the mail she will see a coupon for a local landscaping company.  Seeing the ad for the lawn care company will remind Holly that James is still waiting for her outside, that she is not yet in yard work clothes and yes, in fact, quite a few more minutes had passed than promised…”

I’m sure some of you can relate to that.  While all my intentions are good and positive ones that are necessary to keep a family of five up and running, sometimes it is hard to know when to bypass those “distractions” and stay focused on my initial goal.  So since it is Tuesday, I’m hoping your story goes like this…“When you get home from work, you will probably want to sit down and browse on your phone.  When you scroll through your phone, you will automatically click the blue “F” icon and begin searching facebook. When you scroll through facebook, you will probably see an eye catching picture from Box Bistro.  Seeing this picture will remind you that it is time to pre order your delicious meals for next week.”

Cheers to whatever series of events led you to this email/post!

Holly Bannon