Me Time

Me Time

I was giddy with excitement at the prospect.  “Play it cool, Holly,” I thought to myself as I casually looked at the boys, as if it made no difference to me whether they answered yes or no, and awaited their response to James.  “I’ll go with you daddy. I will too!” exclaimed the boys. I smiled at them and said, “Oh that’s so nice of you, daddy will like the company.” I gave three goodbye kisses and closed the door behind them.  It was 7:35 pm.  Jax had just gone down to sleep and I was just given the sweet, unexpected, precious gift of a few quiet moments alone, earlier than I expected.  I quickly threw the remaining dishes in the dishwasher, turned on the tea kettle for my nightly cup of chamomile, and then opened the fridge to grab a snack.  In this house, food does not last long, but i have learned that one safe place to stow my much anticipated evening snack is in the veggie drawer. After moving a strategically placed bag of Brussel sprouts, i sighed with relief to find my yogurt parfait still in tact and waiting for me. 

I took my tea and my snack quickly to the couch, threw on my favorite cozy blanket and turned on Netflix.  “Ahhhhh,” I thought to myself, although I may have actually said it out loud as that feeling of pure relaxation and exhaustion from the day is realized almost simultaneously.  This was “me time.” I have to admit, the part of the day I really look forward to. A lot.  I love my kids, I love my husband, I love taking care of everyone.  But by 8:00pm, I am ready to punch the clock and be done.  To me, this part of the day is as important as eating healthy, spending time with family, and working out.  Self care.  The small portion of the day where the focus is just me, what I want at that moment, and a break from taking care of everyone else’s needs.

What is one thing that you need each day?  What is one thing that is just for you?  I think for me to live a healthy balanced life, it is just as important for me to have this relaxing time at night as it is for me to have my gym time.  A time to be still, a time to have quiet, a time to take a deep breath, to slow down and recharge so that I am ready to be the best version of me.


Cheers to me time!

Holly Bannon