Never Say Never

Never Say Never

“I will never be like that” I thought to myself as a sat there quietly smiling and nodding as a parent at a conference rattled off the busy schedule of sports’ practices, games, activities and other such obligations filling her daughter’s schedule.  At the time, I only had two kids, and they were still little, not even school age.  As a fifth grade teacher I was blown away by the hectic schedules my students’ kept, the limitless excuses for homework not being complete because of it, and just in awe, and not in a good way, that a ten year old would have so much on their plate.  “What are these parents thinking? I will never do that” I thought to myself on many such occasions. 

Sunday morning May 5, 2019.  The alarm goes off early on a weekend and I am out of bed before any of my three kids.  A crime if you ask me, especially if it doesn’t even involve getting a workout in.  As I quickly get myself ready, I am hustling to make sure the diaper bag is equipped with plenty of snacks and distractions, the lunchbox and water bottles are full, breakfast is hot and ready to be eaten, and most importantly that my cappuccino is set up to fill my travel cup.  After realizing that waking the boys up with only 20 minutes to get them ready, fed, dressed, brushed and out the door was not in fact nearly enough time, we finally scramble into my car and buckle up.  I wipe the sweat off my brow, take a deep breath and put the van in drive.  I don’t bother with google maps, I recall the directions as this is the second day in a row we are hustling to get to the basketball tournament on time. Two days, four games, four hours of driving, three kids. My “weekend.” 

I think back to my naiveté as a parent of young toddlers and recall my judgmental thoughts as I interacted with parents of older children and my ten year old students.  “Never say never” I thought to myself now as I realized, and not for the first time, it is wrong to make judgements about anyone, especially when you aren’t even in the same situation.  But nonetheless, I realize now, that this is our new schedule.  Despite my efforts to never be “that parent” I do in fact have busy nights and fast paced weekends and I do it for my kids.  I do it because they have a love and a passion for something and because these years will fly by.  One day I will miss the hectic mornings, the fighting in the backseat of the minivan and the chasing of a toddler who is trying to get all the basketballs for himself off the court during a game.  

Life won’t always be this fast paced, but if you’re like me, while it is busy, you may be looking to get help wherever you can.  Box Bistro can’t drive your kids to their sport’s games, get them ready for school, or attend meetings for you but we can fuel you and your family with meals that are made by our family.  Quality meals that are convenient and allow you to free up your time to do the things you love with the people that you love. So whether you are “that parent” or leading a busy life in any other way, let us help make it easier.  Fueling fitness, fueling life, leaving you with more time to do what you love.

Cheers to full schedules and full plates!

Holly Bannon