Taken for Granted

“I can’t believe I used to do this without thought and with so much ease” I said to myself one night at around 2am. As I struggled to push myself to my side and then out of bed, I was really regretting the extra cup of tea I had consumed hours earlier.  With more effort than I thought anyone should have to expend at this time I night, I got myself up and waddled down the hallway.  At nine months pregnant everything felt like a struggle.  Sure, I stayed in shape, kept moving, even kept crossfitting.  But the physical feat of getting my body plus the extra 30, ok maybe closer to 40 pounds out of bed in the middle of the night, put me in a sweat.  Perhaps it wasn’t just the weight, but the combination of the added poundage plus the complete lack of core muscles and strength, but at those moments of exertion I remember thinking, “Wow, I really took for granted how easy it was back then."


That wasn’t the first, and it most certainly won’t be the last time I will come to the realization that I have taken something for granted.  At that moment in the middle of the night, I had taken for granted the ease in which I used to move prior to the ninth month of my pregnancy.  But even before then, there were countless times that I looked back in hindsight, which is the only time my vision is anywhere near 20/20 and realized I had taken something for granted and wished that I hadn’t.  The speed or ability to run or lift heavy when suffering from an injury, the longing for one more moment with a loved one we’ve lost, the hope for good health when sick.  These moments remind me to stop and evaluate all that I have now and all I am able to do.  They remind me that I need to appreciate the present before it slips away and becomes nothing more than a longing for something I once had but no longer do.  


It is with that mindfulness that I realize how easily I take for granted the gift of health.  The gift of nourishing food and the gift of being able to share that with my family.  It is easy to overlook the good, to take for granted what we have become accustomed to as a normal. The food we prepare for you, from my family to yours, it is more than just a convenience.  It is prepared for you to provide the gift of nourishment, of clean living and eating, and to share our knowledge of how food can be used to keep us in good health.


Cheers to taking nothing for granted!


Holly Bannon